Driver Pre-Employment Screening Program

Determine a driver applicants roadside violation history before you make the hire by accessing the DOT’s Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP). Carriers can use the PSP to evaluate every prospective driver to make the best possible hiring decision.

An FMCSA PSP report is a screening tool that shows:

  • The most recent 5 years of crash data; and
  • the most recent 3 years of roadside inspection data, including serious safety violations for that driver.

This data comes from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System. This is largely the same data used in determining a motor carriers' CSA performance measurements.

PSP records may be requested solely for the purpose of conducting pre-employment screening. You may may use the PSP report to:

  • Help interpret a driver’s safety habits
  • Use the data as a retraining tool before allowing the driver behind the wheel
  • Help identify the applicant's past employment history and compare that information against the driver’s application for accuracy
  • Help determine to hire or not hire the applicant

The PSP report is a hiring tool only.  Carriers are not to seek reports on existing drivers.  Reports are not to be obtained without the driver’s written permission. Written permission must be kept on file in case of audit.